mary j. salang

Writes about Emotional Intelligence


Do you have Emotional Intelligence (E.I)? Answer these 6 questions to find out.

  1. Are you able to recognize your emotions?
  2. Are you able to recognize other people’s emotions?
  3. Can you differentiate your feelings and label them correctly?
  4. Can you use these emotional information to think and behave appropriately?
  5. Can you adjust your emotions to adapt to the environment around you?
  6. And finally, can you manage your emotions to achieve your goals?

If you answer YES to all, then Congratulations, you are emotionally intelligent.

For customer-focused companies, understanding E.I will help them to equip their employees with E.I skills which will improve their customer-engagement skills. Through these employees, companies can understand their customers better, make better judgement, hence will be able to provide a better customers experience.

You will find more examples of E.I in “Read This!” menu. Hopefully, my articles will help you and your company unveil the secrets of Emotional Intelligence in providing better customer experience for your customers.


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